Anonymous: Lol. :P that sounds nice.


I was so fucking nervous. I didn’t know if i should call out his name - i’s kind of like the movies - domestic incoming passengers have to come up this super steep escalator and when you get to the top there are just all these people staring at you, so i tried to be as unassuming as possible.

[Of course ‘unassuming as possible’ means that i totally went shopping for the perfect dress (that was supposed to look specifically like a ‘no big deal’ summer dress), spent like an hour on my hair and did my makeup to specifically look like i barely had any make up on.]

Anyway, he gets to the top and i don’t think he sees me so he walks by me, with all these people between us and some how i squeak out a very non-committal, ‘hey’, to which he briefly looked up from his phone and was like, ‘whoa, hi’.  Later on he would claim he saw me first, was blown away by my attractiveness, and totally faked being on the phone because he didn’t know what to do. 

:) Cute



Reclining Nude In Red, Blue and Yellow

Nothing is more difficult, or more satisfying, than simplicity.

Big round of applause for Mr. Fuller.  He’s done it again, envisioned a ‘me’ that I never thought possible. Light reins supreme over my inadequacies and a simple line takes me further than I could ever imagine.  Such magic brings me joy and I thank you x